I just got back from the mall, and whew was it ever crowded!  I mean it was literally as packed as a can of sardines in India.  It was a bad joke, but anyways, I wanted to talk about preparation and the failure to preparation in the aspect of our lives and how we can not procrastinate.

I think even the most accomplished people do the easiest thing when it is easy when really it should be the exact opposite.  We should do what is hard when it easy and so on and so forth, because the longer we wait the more inertia we experience.  Let me explain, when you wake up and the easiest thing to do is to go straight for the easy things, take a shower, make coffee, breakfast etc.  Things we know we should to that could give us 10x return on our day such as reading, meditation, making those phone calls that will get us towards that deal should be done during this time.  This is because once you walk out that door and into the world you have to engage other people in your choices.  This is what I called in another post as bookends.

It is very hard to do what is hard later on in the day due to fatigue, forgetfulness or just not feeling like it.  Do not fall victim to this!  Especially once reading this!  If you do something without knowing the precautions it is ignorance, but reading this and continuing to do it is asking for failure or at least taking longer to achieve the desired result that you want out of your life.  Again, this is not just for readers but me as well!

Today I was one of those shoppers who was stuck in the long lines and buying what was left over.  It is not fun, it takes longer than it would have otherwise took and I had a smaller selection of items in which to choose my loved ones.  Anyways I got the shopping done and will defenatiely do it earlier in the holiday season next time.  Anyways happy holidays!



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