The compound effect for me over the past couple of months have been real!  I have been in a state where I get locked in on things that prior I would not even look at.  I have been thinking up thoughts that take months or even years to articulate and I want the results now.  This is where I tend to get thrown back time and time again.  Looking up and still realizing that I am not far from where I started.

With that said it is very important at this realization, that although it may seem hopeless and worthless, to continue to work towards the desired end.  The pushing through the plateauing stage is bound to bring about a much more tranquil state.  Each day, we need to go in and do what we set out to do, not only on the days in which we made ourselves recommit to our values, goals and beliefs when we feel like it but more importantly when we do not.  This consistency factor is the only factor we need to worry about as far as “winning” is concerned.  I have heard it time and time again as I am sure you have but this is just a quick rant and reminder for myself!  If it helps you out that’s awesome too!



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