Today was my last chiropractor adjustment and my back feels back to 100%.  No pain!  Great to be back in full swing of the weight room.  I started a new program today as well!  I debated on waiting until the new year, but is the new year going to wait on me?  No, I went at it anyways and here is how it looked!

Squat 4×6 385

Dead lift 3x 135

x3 225

x3 315

x3 405

x3 455

x3 495

x1 525

3×10 windshield wipers

This is a new program I just developed myself!  It is periodization but eventually it tapers off in weight and becomes more explosive in the weeks down the line.  This is the way I want to experiment with my training and see what I can do to improve upon in my program iterations.

Looking to make a big name for myself in the powerlifting world this year!  Made a great start today!


If anyone is interested in me making a workout plan, feel free to ask!  I am making them for FREE!



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