2016 is approaching very fast.  VERY FAST.. I have just one question for myself and you can join in if you would like to as well.  How did it go for you?  Really, sit down and think about that.  We all set goals but rarely do we accomplish them.  This is due to many variables, but what I have come across the most obvious in all of us is lack of accountability.

To help myself and you as well, I have compiled a couple of exercises that we can go through really briefly to bring what we did and did not do to light.  Doing this makes the happenings of this past year real and objective.  This shows what you wanted to do, actually did do and what you failed at.  This does 3 things for us.  It shows that we can set goals and accomplish them, that we are the type of people that strive for better and that we need to better prepare for goals in the future.  Try them out and I will as well, let me know if it helps!

Name top 10 things you have said you were going to do this year and actually did, For example (not mine exclusively):

  1. Traveled the world
  2. Made major gains in the weight room
  3. learned an new language
  4. Met the love of my life
  5. Learned a new skill
  6. Graduated college
  7. Read over 20 books in the last 6 months
  8. Made great connections
  9. Started a business
  10. Learned more about myself

For the next year look at these everyday you feel like you can’t do something.  Its almost impossible  for you to have a bad day with these goals conquered you and behind you.

The second list is things you did not accomplish or were not proud of.

  1. Did not go to the gym 3 x a week.
  2. ate too much junk food
  3. Was not kind to my neighbors
  4. did not read enough
  5. did not start my business
  6. Didn’t spend enough time with my kids.
  7. Procrastinated too much
  8. Watched too much tv
  9. Slept less than 8 hours a night.
  10. Too much social media.

Remember all great things come from pondering.  Like the great guru Tony Robbins says “When we succeed win party and when we fail we ponder, all great things come from pondering.”

Of course the next year’s list should include your new goals but not only your new goals but was step by step of how youre going to accomplish them.  Usually the who, what, when and how should help out alot when completing this.

  1. I want to Lose Weight: a.) buy a program, b.) follow the workouts in the program for 3 months c.) eat well and focus on the process instead of the end result.
  2. -10. the same way!

Hope this helps!




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