It has been a week since I last posted on here.  I wanted to talk about this event from an objective point of view instead of a wild, ecstatic, and distorted point of view.  The Tai Lopez retreat even a week later was literally one of the highlights of my whole year and that is saying a lot considering me going to another country this year as well as graduating from college among other goals I have accomplished.  But without further ado here is the post:

6 plane rides, 2,400 miles, and over 20 hours of interactive lecture from leading experts in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, leadership, evolutionary psychology, finance, fitness later I can confidently say that I am mind blown.  I am definitely not the same person I was when I left the east coast and flew over to the west coast.  A week after the retreat and I am still in shock of what I was engaged in, from what I saw and was immersed in constantly for those two days.  It was an experience I could not duplicate even if I tried.  Imagine seeing the people who hold the answers to literally everything you would want in terms of money, being healthy, interacting with people, falling in love and finding that special someone, and being over all fulfilled with what you are doing and where you are going.  This conference moved me from not only from a inspirational and motivational stand point, but really gave me an actual cognitive overloading in terms of applicable steps to take on where I want to go.  I did not go through this alone, I can honestly say I was surrounded by people further along the path than me and some of them were even younger than me!  This is where growth can take place by being around people better than you!

Take Off:

The trip began with me being a little early to the airport a little skeptical about whether or not I packed this or that, (I think everyone second guesses their bag whenever traveling), but basically after I was dropped off at the airport it became a non issue from Monday afternoon on I was completely in hyper focus mode as this was my first time traveling on an air plane solo.  So it was important to make sure I checked in, got my tickets, was in the right place at the right time so that I did not get left in a airport that was not my real destination.  Furthermore, I was interested in keeping my head on tight and on point for learning from great people the next day.  The flight schedule was a bit hectic, I went from Roanoke, to New York, back down to Philadelphia then all the way to LA.

When I touched down in LA I was a very jet lagged and hazed.  What made it worse was the traffic rush hour in LA.  All this along with the GPS being a bit off confused me about my the logistical situation and making me think I was over 40 miles away from the airport when really I was only 7 miles.  What the GPS accounted for was traffic.  I thought the LA traffic was just over exaggeration from the movies, but it wasn’t.  In Roanoke, where I am from a mile is more or less a minute.  I was not thinking at the moment so as far as I was concerned it was going to be 10 minutes from the airport max.

Losing my In n Out virginity:

When I saw how crazy the traffic was, I decided to walk about half way (3.5 miles) to not only enjoy the beautiful 71 degree weather, but get a good feel for the city, stretch my cramped legs and saving a couple bucks did not hurt either. 😉  I kept walking for about 2 miles and out of no where I saw an In n Out.  I had to stop!  This may or may not be because of my being predisposed to seeing postings on Instagram and Twitter of how tasty it looked.  I do not always advocate fast food but due to these rare circumstances, I really wanted to get the full LA experience, besides I had not eaten all day!  When I walk into the In n Out I start to have a conversation with two girls beside me who were attending UCLA for differing majors and we told each other a few funny stories.  I told them the seminar I was going to and it went right over their heads, but the guy beside me acknowledged what I said about the seminar and turned to me and said laughingly “I am going too!”

It was really cool and from there on I knew that my experience was going to be legit.  At this point I was 7 miles away from the event and I already was meeting someone who was going to the  event.  I wanted to meet other like minded people who want to do well as well.

I told him I was walking to through the downtown of LA to find a hostel or hotel.  We both looked at each other and laughed, this is because it was getting pretty late at this point and then we shared an uber to a hostel in which he already made reservations.  We checked in when we got to the hostel there were already people there from New Zealand and Australia!  This is one of the core reasons I love to travel!  Meeting people from different cultures and learning what they think of America, politics, people etc and vise versa.  Before I got to know them I took a brief walk down to the destination of the event so I would not be out of whack the next morning. When I got back me and my new friends stayed up for an extra hour chatting then off to bed!

The morning of the event was very interesting I got walked in to the event and it was packed!  Banners were everywhere, people were everywhere and there was a line as long with some hundred odd people.  Somehow I forgot that I registered for VIP which means I got in before alot of them and to sit up close to the speakers for the whole retreat.  This was a relief because walking into seeing all those people was very overwhelming for me.

Tai Messing Around:

Funny story!  I was sitting in the front row taking notes down from Dr. David Buss, one of the worlds top evolutionary psychologist’s professors in case you did not know.  I was actually taking up a couple seats in the first row due to my legs being uncomfortable being too close together from years of squatting and Tai walks up with 2 huge body guards and an entourage and asks can he sit beside me.  This was funny to me, I tried to act nonchalant about it but I have to admit, it was pretty cool.  He eve jokingly tapped me on the shoulder and when I was paying attention to the speaker and when I looked he was looking all around like he did not know who did it.  (Something I do pretty often myself ha)

It was cool to see how he leads and orchestrates his team.  I have heard him say that he does not do anything he is not good at, but I took this lightly.  When I saw it up close I could not believe it, even when it comes to getting a snack or changing a pair of shoes he did not do it himself.  I perceived this as a bit too much even if they are getting paid for it, but that’s my point of view.  When you make it that far in life, obviously he must be doing something right.

Again seeing how someone like him operates brings it into perspective that he is not something from out of this world or he is that special!  He did do what it takes to become the best at what he does, but in the same breath, I have seen it and it is achievable.  I did not fully grasp the full conceptualization of success or true achievement of one’s goals of this magnitude.  It took a while to adjust to that energy that these people bring.  As I watched him and other rich people, humanitarians, activists he brought walk, talk, interact, plan and then spill their knowledge out to this group of people including myself, I knew I would change forever.

Dougie Fresh and why you should be ugly:

Dougie Forlano is an awesome inspirational cat who is well on his way as a YouTube sensation.  He is very charismatic and always upbeat, he has done collaborations with the likes of Strength Camp, Brandon Carter as well many others who are inspirational to thousands of people.  He and I actually got a chance to vibe and talk with him over those two days.  It was right before lunch when Tai said if you see someone where you want to be be sure you buy them lunch and interact with them.  I bought him lunch and he spilled out great knowledge to me that really will stick with me for as long as am pursing my dreams.  The quote was “There is two types of people, cute and ugly.  Ugly people push hard and get what they want.”

Cole Hatter and Money:  

Cole Hatter was a great story to hear about, he was not successful by any means growing up so he did not inherit his great amount of wealth.  He actually wanted to be a Fire fighter growing up and he actually succeeded in pursing his life long dream.  One day fate changed his life forever.  He was in a car accident where he could not walk for 12 months and did not know whether or not he would ever walk again.  He did not get too down on himself, he began to invest in himself become knowledgeable in his field and now is a multi-millionaire, happy, married to beautiful wife and has two beautiful kids.

He talked about how most people think about money and why their situation with money is a product of their own doing.  People are too attached to their money he says, but when you look at the actual bills and the faces on them, they are emotionless.  This is how you and should feel about it.  This was interesting to me because anytime money leaves my hand and goes into another it seems as if I am losing something that is apart of me.  Like it is something serious in a sense, but when really all money is just cotton and ink.  This alone he says will make you more likely to treat it like an investing tool, use it in accordingly for yourself and others, and reap benefits as well as returns from there.

The last thing Cole left us with was a story that came from Zig Zigglar about a Christmas ham.  Most of the audience had heard it but I hadn’t so I l listened closely.  Essentially his wife always had a Christmas ham and would cut one end of the perfectly good ham off.  Zig would ask her why she did this and she would respond well that’s the way my mother did it.  Zig called the mother, who said the same and finally called her grandmother.  He asked her the same, as to why she would cut the end of the ham off, and she responded with to make it fit into my oven better.  This story was powerful.  Essentially what I picked up from it was do not listen just because the source seems to be credible.  Use your own mind, get the real facts and act accordingly.


Hollywood, is a city that I think I had an over perceived notion of what it was about and what really is.  The best way I know how to explain the feeling of how I was when I touched down was not as I expected it would, what I mean by that is think back to being a kid and finding out Santa is not real, you still get excited about Christmas but it is not quite the same. The walk of fame was however pretty neat to see all of the great performers that have came and gone through Hollywood boulevard.  The most humbling of all the Walk of fame was seeing the Rock’s hand prints that he made this past May it was pretty cool.  Seeing all of these sights and being around people so successful changed my standards of what I believe is now within my grasp of achievement.


Overall life changing trip.  I encourage all of you to travel and meet the people you want to meet, even if it is only brief.  It brings you into perspective when you get back to your domain and makes you more well rounded as an individual and helps your brain become more engaged, which it did for me.  This is because you are not doing what you would do on a normal basis, so you have to be much more aware or else you could experience a result not to your liking. Traveling to other places also strengthens your network of people you know.  I have a good connections there now, so when I head out that way I have people I know and can catch up with.

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