Kobe is a true competitor, the past 2 games after recently announcing his retirement at the end of the season have been preluded by pregame acknowledgement’s of his greatness to the sport and what he has done for basketball in the city in which he is competing.  That does not fly well with Kobe for a couple of reasons.  One, he is still looking to whoop the opposing team’s ass and two, it will get very old after a while and will not only cause bordem for himself but for his team.

I still cannot believe I am watching Kobe’s final season in the NBA.  It is hard to believe that next year the Lakers will be another one of those young team’s looking for an identity.  To get back to the top of the mountain for this organization is going to take a lot of strategic planning and execution, but it can be done.  Do not for get it was not long ago that Ray Allen left the Supersonics and a couple of years later Durant and Westbrook came along.

This is not a post about an upset or even emotional Laker fan, but instead an optimist for our team and reminding myself that this is not only relevant to the Lakers but to all of us.  If we are in position that is not to our liking, we just need to reverse engineer and then take it step by step until we see gradual progression in the direction we are shooting for.


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