I am attending an end of year seminar next week in California, really pumped for not only the in person experience but the immersion of being with great people for a couple days and what it will do for me going forward.  It was kind of a sporadic decision, I have had a hell of a year and want to keep the momentum going that way!  I am going to learn not only about business as well as an array of concepts I really care about.  I also want to take the time while I am out there to really take in the contrast in their community.  I want have a complete culture shock and perspective of how different or similar things are there to here.

Although the experience will be brief I will try and take as many pictures and video as my iPhone will allow and post a great amount of them.  I enjoy traveling and going to new places so capturing moments are really important to me.  On the same token taking too many pictures could subliminally tell myself that I am in a faulty place and I won’t be back.

Anyways if you guys have been to Hollywood before, let me know of any great attractions, restaurants and bars to hit.

Thanks, Akster20

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