Training update

Last night’s training session was big for me. If you have been following my training updates, I just recently started going to a chiropractor who is not only former powerlifter himself but has seen numerous lower back strains similar to my own.  I had been out of commission as far as lifting heavy for about a month, and it was really great to get back to what I love!  It was really apparent to me about how uncomfortable the squatting and deadlifting felt that it would be a couple weeks before I can confidently say that I am 100% but for now I am not even going to worry about that I am going to just enjoy the process of getting better.  Ultimately it is really about falling in love with writing out your goals, mapping out a step by step blue print on how to get there and from there really following it and not constantly looking at the caladenrt in an annual, biannual or monthly fashion but instead a daily fashion.

I digress.  What I really wanted to talk about is how I really got great relief when I started working into my sets of deadlift. I was really determined to get up my 68% of my max 5×3 whether it killed me or not.  68% may not feel like a lot of weight but keep in mind I have not touched the deadlift as a whole for over a month and defiantly over 4 weeks.  Although I have lost some strength over the last month, even though I was active, there is no replacing the movements you do if you truly want to be elite in them.

Going forward I am doing a youtubers  6 week program.  I have tried using other YouTubers programs but this one seems to fit my liking much more. I am doing 3 days a week instead of the 5-6 it require.  As for compound movements I  will do 2 in one day to supplement for less work I will be doing later on in the week.  This is just an experiment for the next couple of weeks and if I like it I will continue to do this.  Until then, interate.

I also realized that I did not put together the mix I was supposed to for the monster bash.  There is no making up for that now. So here the dead lift in which I am almost recovered from!

Take care


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