A couple of days ago was my national turkey day, and I hope you all took this day to reign in joy with the essence of this holiday!  Even further, I hope you in the day of over indulgence of great food, great friends and family to really put a conscious effort to not only express but really immerse in gratitude for what you have!  I for one did and its not to often that I can honestly say I do that, that is something I need to get better with going forward.  I have read and heard from multiple sources that doing this is a key to fulfillment and happiness in life.  In a life that at times can have random and arbitrary its nice for us to have a strong presence and real gratitude by looking for it.  Without further ado somethings we should all be thankful for.

  1. Having 2 of your 5 senses:  Now this is seems like a weird one to bring up right?  Maybe not, Helen Keller was disabled from 3 of her main 5 but we still remember for the inspiring life she lived as well as the books she published.  With you and I having our senses more adept than her own why have we not done produced as much viable content and done things such as what she has to help the world with all of the resources we have?
  2.   Being able to complain about your problems:  I have a unique perspective on problems.  Having problems means you are in one place and wanting to be in another.  OK, cool.  But what about those that have not see where they would like to be?  Do they complain or just live throughout the means that they have?  They have not seen any better and have no vision or hope for a better tomorrow.  If you have seen better and not attempted to get there do so today!  You have unlimited chances if you fail at it.
  3. Limitless possibilities:  There has never been a better time to be alive.  With so many free and inexpensive resources at our disposal people literally get information overload which makes us not even want to take action.  There is how to books on everything so you can accelerate the learning curve and new bleeding edge innovations being created by the second.  With this in mind, that you can  get stagnant because of so much choice, why not take advantage?



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