So about a week ago I’m at work and going hard as usual.  Busting my ass to sell customers what they want left and right, quite frankly, I was just in my zone really.  I didn’t have time to eat so my good friend as well as the head of the  deli offered me a salad, I told him to add some of the jalapenos from my jalapeno stash.  For I am a pepper connoisseur and have a very tough stomach.  When it comes to pepper much like or water, the more you drink the more tolerance you build and the more it takes you to be satisfied.

He made the salad and we both talked about how much we really enjoyed the experience of eating fresh peppers and how they were just really stimulating.  They are like a stimulating drug, (which I have not ever tried) but I can imagine.  Anyways, the next day my good friend walks in with a new type of pepper, its orange and looks less hot.  He tell’s me that they are much hotter than a jalapeno but I assure him that I have African blood in me and I have tasted the hottest of the hottest by at this point.

Later on that day he makes a similar salad as the day before.  The difference with this salad however is that it has a the little orange pepper in the middle of it.  I mean I had no clue as how to feel about this, I am insulted by just getting a small one.  Anyways he eats two of them and then pigs down on his salad.  He begins to sweat and I clown him about him reacting like a bitch boy.  So then I eat mine as well, as I bite into it juices begin to squirt all over my mouth in all directions.  I taste the hotness immediately, like nothing I have even eaten before.  I attempt to eat it whole and be done with it.  I do so and it is not even a big deal after I finish it and the salad.

20 minutes after the eating of pepper, it really hit me like a punch and knife in my small intestine.  I began sweating for and an hour it really made me contemplate on should I even eat anything with any flavor after that day.  For an hour straight I could not stand up straight or even talk was drenched in sweat and I felt like I could not even accumulate on single thought.

The only way I got over it as time.  But the moral of this funny experience is do NOT underestimate something you have never came into contact with based on past references.

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