Great insight from Outliers

I decided to pick up the book Outliers because of the a number of respectable gurus in the fitness and self help industry referred to on many occasion.  These gurus whom I respect not only are successful themselves but say they are in fact not not what you would call “naturally talented” in their respective fields.   The book is not only referred to as inspirational but very valid gives us the formulas that it takes to be successful in business and in all of our endeavors.  This book was big for me in realizing what has worked for countless others and what I can expect for myself going forward.

The book began with a story about hockey players.  I know right, not very exciting.  It goes into depth about how sports such as hockey and the like are very advantageous to children who are older (within a year’s time frame) in respect to  children younger and the advancement to the next rank.  For example if two kids are in an age 10 and under tryout and they both make it, it would be logical that the kid who was born in January of the year as opposed to April would have the “advantage” simply because he would have more time to practice.  This obviously is not true of every case scenario but the truth holds true in very competitive arenas of life such as hockey.  But when you think about it, it makes sense, if two people eat, sleep and breathe something like those children did with hockey it makes sense that 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week for 3 months would make a person head and shoulders above the person born a bit later.  But this is still far fetched, people have the time advantage and still do not take full accountability for the leverage that they have in certain aspects of life.

This leads directly into the most pronounced concept of the whole book from which you too have likely heard of it, the 10,000 rule.  What this principle, staple, guideline some may even call it law simply means is you have to put your time in if you want to reap real fruit from the tree of success.  Thats right!  What this means is no get rich quick schemes, no easy money, no easy solution to your problems.

This rule was pretty simply broken down to me by the gurus and what it meant to me was find something you are good at and be ready to put work in.  This rule applies to all walks of life it could be relationships with other people, financially or even with self help the hours build routine and in essence formulate what success you ever bring about in your life.  This concept is easy to parallel to the compound effect because time is the only constant and what ever you can align side by side with it will be your fate.  Whether or not you choose what you align with it is up to you, if you fail to do so you will be sorry.

This is just a quick debrief on some key concepts that I wanted to get off of my chest before I forgot them, also I think typing it out makes it much more memorable and sticks better with me.  Will let you guys know of any other nuances if they occur!   You guys should pick it up if you have the money, I literally got this book for a dollar so it shouldn’t be much more for you, so much value in this book.

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