This evenings workout was short but sweet, it gave me a big boost as far as learning what I could and could not do!  I felt really revived after my session at the chiropractor yesterday.  If you did not read my last post basically what he informed me was that I am able to continue lifting so long as my form is not only perfect but keeping it relatively light.  So today that is just what I did, I mean when it comes to lifting you you do not have to ask me to do it twice 😉

My workout today consisted of working up to a decent amount of weight on squat to ensure myself that I could still do it; and  even further to be able to complete moderate workloads with little to no pain.  I did a set of 3 of 135, 225, 315 and then a single of 405 and then one with 455.  I was extremely excited to do that heavy of weight even if it was only for a single, that is something I can work with going forward.  I also squeezed in do Bulgarian split squats as well as a ton of core work to really make sure that an injury doesn’t happen again.  I think for core work I am going to do body weight every day as a portion of regular routine and then still squeeze in a weighted core day for good measure.  This is important not only for prehab/rehab reasons but to take my athleticism and lifts to a whole new level.  I will definitely be stringent in this new portion of my training because it can literally make me or break me.

Tomorrow morning is my second session of back adjustment, wish me luck!


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