So today was my chiropractors appointment and it was interesting to say the least.  I had no idea what to expect and I was plotting my escape if they said anything I did not want to hear.  Although I did not have to run away from the adjustment table, I ended up being more comfortable as I left the office than when I went in, which is always a good sign.

The chiropractor took a lot of tension off of me and made feel more than comfortable when I learned that he was working with my Alma maters sports teams last year and just “graduated”(left the school) the same year as me.  He also knows the kind of pain I was going through because he used to do power lifting as well.  As I was describing what happened during my dead lift he finished it before I could even get the rest of it out of my mouth.  This was a relief and he did not even make me get an x-ray!  With the type of injury I have he let me know that I should be at 100% within a couple of weeks.  I did get adjusted today and I have one more session this week.  If all goes well, I should have a couple more sessions to have my back completely healthy again!

He continued to urge me to do core work, which I thought I was way ahead of the game in as far as my core was concerned but after re watching the tape of me breaking at the back during the dead-lift where I injured myself it is apparent that compared to the rest of my body my core is indeed underdeveloped.  He even went on to say that he believed I could add on a significant amount more on the weights I am already doing by implement additional core work to my current workouts.  He also encouraged me to continue to pursue regular training as normal to ensure that I do not lose range of motion and or strength.

To fix this I am going to insert a fourth day primarily for core and Isometric training where I hold positions in mid range of motions for optimal core strengthening and stability.  I think that this is a little over doing it but if I want to be good in the long run and keep my back healthy and from ever re-injuring it again, over doing it is just what is necessary to do just that.

Today I did just a little bit of basketball with some friends that came in from college for thanksgiving break but tomorrow evening, I hope to really be able to hit he dead lift and see where my pain threshold reaches.  I am going to play around with it and see if I can get to around 65% with no pain.  If that works out well then I will get as many reps in as possible to make up for the work that I have been missing out  on for the past couple of weeks!  I have a meet that I want to compete in December but if I can not lift confidently on dead lift, I will just continue to strengthen my core and increase my lifts and wait to compete again until early next year.  It sucks to wait but I am not going to risk injury to push out this last meet that I had planned.


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