Are you a Lion or a Sheep?

It seems that as of late many people have been hoping on to social media and posting lion’s. cheetahs, wolves and the like with quotes that give us the impression that they are doing better and living more fulfilling life than the rest of us.  Now these are not the posts that come every now and again but these are the posts that come multiple times a day from every angle.  There is nothing wrong with that other than the fact that everybody is already doing it.  What makes you different than the rest.  It seems like now a days if you are doing noteworthy work in your respective field your work would speak for itself.  If you are on the come up, people would notice, and if you were actually a lion you would not need to post a lion like the rest of the sheep.

I do not like to be a party pooper or an asshole but the last time I checked in the animal kingdom there is only one alpha lion and the other one kills the other ones and then kills their babies and then takes their women.  Graphic I know but that’s how we need to be instead of posting these memes like everyone else.  Post your updates if you will but do not speak of something when you haven’t even made your first move towards it.

If you want to have 19 inch arms and your only dreaming about it and not putting in work this post is for you.  If you want to start a business and you only post those memes, this post is for you.  If you are a lion and can actually read the Aktion blogspot this is for you and I am sorry, do not hurt me.  On a serious note, greatness moves in silence, so do not brag about the steps you haven’t even taken yet, enjoy  the process and let the results speak for themselves.

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