Falling off but going to flow back on in

This past week has not been the best I could do as far as posting goes.  I am not a perfectionist by any means but I am disappointed if I am not attentive and stringent enough to get all of activities I have planned for myself in a specific time period.  I am not satisfied with the quality of my content thus far.  I do have 100 good excuses to not put out good content but I am going to for the last portion of this year I WILL have breakthrough content for myself and my followers and I WILL get a video done every week, whether it be one of me just training, a book.  Not because I am so special (although we all tend to think we are, but to continue building upon the compound effect of success).  Although I have been falling out of the flow I have been compensating in other aspects.  I planned on getting out at least 7 new content pieces a week and I have not delivered at times.  I will do better going forward.
New Pieces:

-Motivational Videos

-Workout tutorials

-Business Ideas

Let me know what you guys think!

P.S. Finishing up the Why we can’t wait book tommorrow, while and starting on Outliers next.


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