My training since my meet has been so boring and uneventful for me.  On my last pull of my 590 dead lift has left me no other choice to request for professional help.  I have decided to go the more intellectual  route and get the help of a trainer and someone I am lucky to call a friend who just happens to be a student in Physical Therapy.

This by no means gives a pass for a real doctor but a recent Youtube Video whereby the Youtuber had a very similar injury has just decided to take it easy left me wondering why not just try the same for a bit longer.  I figured how much worse could it get that it already is.

Current rehab precautions I am taking consists of doing hangs to decompress the spine and create so release in the lower back muscles around the SI joint and tail bone.  I have done extensive research as well as feeling it out on what feels best for it and those by far beat out all of my other options than going to a chiropractor that could take literally up to thousands of dollars.  Although I am worth it I would be extremely pissed if I went and they did procedures on me that were really just home remedies and just needed a little more time to heal.

Workouts in the mean time have been just everything that does not put pressure on the lower back.  Lighter presses are a go, abs are a go, stretching is a go and I try to do all of my leg work explosive as possible to maximize workload and to keep legs primed and always ready to move heavy ass weight but also jump high.  Really sucks not to be able to go heavy but, in someways it is a good thing.  I say this because rest never would have happened if the back was 100%.

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