Why be ok with just doing enough.  What on earth is it so important that you must get done with what it is you are doing?  I mean really sometimes I am guilty of this too.  It has just occurred to me that too many of us go through daily tasks half speed and not to the best of our ability just to do something that may 1) give us hope of a better tomorrow or 2) that has no significant value in itself to you, me or anybody.  Like literally has no vitality in itself.

This may sound cliche but do not go through the motions, go full speed and see where it may lead you because it does not matter how healthy you eat, how positive you stay, shit will hit the fan.  No and ifs or buts about it, by that time will you have had done what you were sent here by God to do?  I am not a preacher I am just asking myself and in the process asking you all to wake up.  Life IS short, how quickly did it turn from last week to yesterday and from yesterday to today and how quickly did November come?  Did it not just feel like Dec, 31, 3014?  Life is a blink of an eye than you are out.  Even the oldest of us live to just over 25,000 if you get to live to 70.

I am talking to myself and you.  Do things with an strong emph, power, full passion, full entitlement and wow factor.  Even when you are driving to work enjoy the ride there.  When doing simple things like organizing your desk do it like you you’re getting paid billions of dollars to do so.  Our time here is so brief, if you have something you’ve been putting off that can add value to what little time you have then why not do it as soon as possible so you can enjoy the benefit sooner?  If you do not have the love life you want go talk to as many members of the opposite sex as you need to to meet that one and enjoy a that portion of life.  If you have classes that you think you need to take to get you to the level you feel fit to enhance your life then take them.  If you are failing at something are you asking the best people for help or are you sitting around helpless.Do not wait for others to help you help yourself.

If you died today would you be just bullshitting going through the motions and procrastinating saying “maybe tomorrow” about things you know will enhance you?  Leaving life to the rest of us.  The sad thing is the people that need to read this or hear this do not even read or try to find ways to better themselves.  Do things with a wow factor today, I go out of my way to make myself better I bought a hell of a lot of resources to better my life and if I was to die today I would know that I was going in the right direction, not staying stagnant and not going anywhere with my life.

I am ranting like this because today has been a very violent day for me.  One of my employees was stood up today.  He was held up with two guns in his face, now he never has had anything like this happen before and hopefully never does again.  Two cowards came by and wanted a quick win for no work, you cannot or will not go far in life with that kind of lower consciousness mindset and behavior.  Now he is just an employee on his way to where he is going.  Him working for us is not by far him being on his purpose by any means.  As for me they would have had to blow holes through me like Swiss cheese, because as for me I am willing to DIE for my dreams, my family and what I believe in. This just put me over the top and those cowards are likely not going to get far, so they got a couple hundred dollars, what are they going to do with it?  Grow it? Multiply it?  No likely just use it for drugs or other lower consciousness things.

What about those lives taken today in Paris?  Not to send negative vibes out, but this type of thing could happen to anyone at anytime.  Not saying to be paranoid, I am just saying to be on your way to where you are going and be in a hurry.  How about that just sitting in a place as calm as a hall and all of a sudden, you die or your life changes forever that’s how the dice rolls sometimes.  When shit goes down do you want to be on your way or do you want to be caught with your thumb up your butt?

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