Mr. Notepad

Taking notes throughout your day is essential to success.  I have read numerous articles for years where I see a correlation between doing well in everyday tasks and overall life fulfillment linked to remembering key things throughout each day.

Idea generation are just another good reason to write things down during the day.  Instances that you can’t recall where you had that million dollar idea will be lost forever if you don’t write it down.

This week I have taken more notes than any other week that I can remember up to date and this has led me to this week starting a new nutrition plan, reading new books and remembering in detail what I read, buy a new business course as well as self development course and not forgetting smaller things throughout my busy days that could bite me in the ass later.

Annoying as it is we can do it.  Yes it is but at the same time when it comes to remembering key ideas or what you have to do later on, not being able to recall what  was going on during that particular moment in time.

As far as price, you don’t have to go crazy with name brands to have effective notepad game.  The motive should just be to have something that can fit into your pocket easily with a pen.  Literally the one I bought recently was only 28 cents.  That investment of 28 cents is going to change your life for the better almost instantly and is literally cheaper than a pack of gum.

If the billionaire Richard Branson is constantly writing things down, what makes our lives so hectic as to not write down meh ideas constantly.  Is it that does we are on our ways to be trillionaires or are we just too lazy?

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