Figuring out what one truly passionate about is a path that could lead to ruin.  I have personally been searching since high school.  I have and had so many things I am passionate about doing.  Singling out a true passion is difficult though and I am truly puzzled on how to pick what it is I am truly here to provide.  I love God, I lifting weights, I love basketball, I love business, I love reading, I love interacting with people, I love learning so where does it end?  Where is the product of all of these unique things?

I understand you cannot be all things to everyone and the man who chases two rabbits gets none but there has to be a way to mesh all of that into a entity that makes sense.  I am working on being true as we speak and in the upcoming months I cannot see what comes of this deep search as I continue with positive momentum and searching and believe a storm is brewing.  So if you have many passions I am here to tell you do not fall into the trap of choosing one but find a way to mesh and produce what you know you can!

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