Today has been a good day!  I am continuing positive momentum even more by being above daily petty encounters and just shrugging them off.  Some days I am better at doing it that others but today was exceptional.  It is easy to get caught up with other peoples negative attitudes by identifying with how they portray you when really its just them having a bad day or a distorted filter of life.

I also got finished an audio program by Jim Rohn a legendary deceased self help speaker.  He had some awesome points on ambition that really touched me and I wrote a few points down.  Hopefully I can expand on his points that I enjoyed with you all at a later date! I also good amount of reading done in the Civilization of Africa book.  So again great day.

I just in got back from Walmart and am now really prepared to do a revamp in my schedule for the remaining weeks of this year and upcoming calendar year.  This calendar will include seminars, books, traveling destinations, business ventures, people I want to meet, weights I want to lift, where I want to be with God and the type of person I want to be progressing as at certain points in time.  Really excited about today and hopefully I can continue what I have had going for a while now!

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