One day I was in the store and it was a slow time during the day so I had a book out reading over it.  I believe it was a Jim Collins business book, maybe built to win or How the mighty fall.  One of the two, any who she said she had a handful of books that she wanted to get rid of and would love to give them to someone she knew would use them.  It was like a blessing from the heavens, it came earlier this summer when I really started diving into myself development journey and self education.

I have already went through two of them but the one I am on now is one of the more interesting ones she gave me.  It is an older book from the early 1900’s and has historical data that may indeed be out of date.  The intrinsic value I believe however is significant because the meaning behind the book and what it reprimands, which is the beginning of history .  It is called he African Origin of Civilization and I look forward to diving into it.

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