Bold was an intrinsic look at the of future business trends and ways to capture the value from them well before the rest of the early majority and late majority catches up.  This is sure to help anyone with real life pains, a passion and entrepreneurial drive to make your world a more suitable place for you.

There are several chapters that I want to go over because I believe they are worth relearning for myself as well as you all receiving the information for the first time.   The chapter on “Secrets for going big” had a lot of value inside of it. The concept of not only being credible but super credible with ideas slash topics that you are debating on showing the world is what gives people incentive to invest or take part in business ventures.  Diamandis gives us insight on what it was like getting his asteroid  mining and space tourism company off the ground.  Using the likes of Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, and Richard Branson to invest in this project gave them more than enough credibility for the public to believe in it.  At first glance his idea seemed like something out of a science fiction movie.

This chapter also gives the notion that becoming familiar to your target audience is not only important but them seeing you succeed as early as possible almost guarantees interactions down the line that could help you with feedback and possible be a repeat consumers in future encounters.  This trust between the two of you comes from not only an understanding of what the user wants but more importantly trust.  The stone soup story shows us an example of this.  It was way back in medieval times where food was scarce.  Three soldiers are spotted far away by a man in a village he runs back to the village and says “lock your doors and go inside, strangers are coming to take our food!  So the village does this.  The soldiers eventually get to town and have not eaten in days.  They knock door by door asking to have food and no one gives it to them.  So they decide to make stone soup.  They announce out loud what they are doing and suddenly they soldiers have the villagers attention.  They ask how will thy make soup from stones.  The soldiers put stones in a pot and tell each skeptical family if they want to see this amazing feat to bring the likes of vegetables, chicken, potatoes and other things to make soup.  Eventually the soldiers get to eat.  The stones represent the Entrepreneurs big bold ideas!  This parable is so powerful in getting people to listen to buy into innovative ideals you maybe trying to get across to them.

This book tells us to be bold and if I do not someone else will capitalize and be their gain.  Great read pick it up if you want to know trends that await us in the near future!

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