Learning a language is an interesting topic because it seems that some are just smarter,  can break down words grammatically in a better fashion or can excel overall with languages.  This is because of prior experiences in high school in my french class and what I have found to be true with most people in America only know one language.  As a child though we know no language and have the capacity to learn as many as each child can individually hold, it only gets more difficult to learn as we get older but not due to being capable but strictly because there seems to be less incentive and pay back through learning one.  Not true at all.

There are people who remain monolingual but there are exceptions and anyone who is willing can learn languages later on in life!  I spent four years in high school going through the motions in the french learning process but have because of never giving it my full attention caused me to never fully grasp it.  I have not gone over it or used it heavily I think it would be awesome to relearn the french language.

It has been proven that people who know multiple languages are so much more advanced as human beings.  Knowing multiple langues can help connect you with an wider array of people, descriptions with nuances in English that can not be described easily in the English language.

I plan on learning French fluently.  I want to converse comfortably enough to know 75% of what is being said in conversations.  I plan on doing this by of course using the bread and butter of how anything gets done which is the compound method.

I have already been putting in work!  I am currently and have been using duolingo for the past couple of months and I am getting better daily.  At the store where I visit weekly I am able to pick up about 30% of what the Haitian customers are saying which is a big up from before.  I hope to continue this progress and in 6 months I should be able to have full on conversations in French!


I would love to say that I have a hunger for French organically unfortunately not.  This language learning hunger is not coming from thin air.  I have family in France and although my French relatives speak English it would be cool to speak with them in their native language.

Ireland Embarrassment:  

In Ireland this summer I was leaving a pub, and there was a beautiful German girl outside on the strip close to a hostel I was staying.  I decided to talk to her and we began go deep in.  She started speaking french to one of her friends and then I tried to jump in.  I introduced myself to her friend and then I started talking to her.  She asked could I speak French and half wittingly I responded with full confidence “Yes”.  I tried to recall what I learned in high school and I could say “hello, my name is …, and my age” other than that, the words just would not come back.  Easy to say the conversation was over but I did not take it to heart or personally.  But you can bet that this experience with this hot girl will not happen again.

If anyone knows of any language learning methods that worked for them let me know of them!

Peace, -Akster20

2 thoughts on “Using the Compound effect for language learning

  1. Hi, I myself have studied French during Uni but unfortunately I’m not very gifted in languages and I’ve since forgotten it all! The same as in American, Irish people only really know English. I think this is due to the fact that people think ‘well we know English, thats the only language we need’. I think this idea is changing though. People think we are lazy, but the government hasn’t really put much emphasis on learning another language so. I’m now trying to tackle Mandarin and I use a website called ‘Memrise’. It’s great for learning new vocab!

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    1. Yes, I agree, it is in the education system. They do not give enough emphasis on portion of American education. I assume this is because most people do not travel ever outside of their own city and neighboring counties let alone country so it is harder to take it seriously. Also, it would be easier for these teachers to do their job better if they were compensated more effectively for their work, because it is harder to transfer a language then it would be to memorize dates etc.

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