I truly believe that to truly become a well rounded individual it is essential to invest in the ability and the action of traveling.  Travel is an activity that allows you to expand in ways by putting your body in uncomfortable or new environments and as we all know this is how growth takes place.  This past weekend I took at trip up to Richmond and it reminded me of how no matter what place you go you’ll never be able to control everything the only consistency in life is you.  I stopped turning to stimulus sometime ago and it really led me to have a more consistent outlook on life.

On another note my cousin who goes to school in Richmond at VCU, showed me around the town and it is a really exquisite and artsy town to say the least!  It is so innovative that I came up with multiple business nuances and topics for my blog that I have actually written down and am seriously considering making content on.  I also stopped at a benevolent and new book store.  I bought over a handful that I think will go nicely with the end of this year and beginning of next years reading!  These should help with better content as well!

Anyways, as someone always looking for inspiration, I have seen that in me travel should not be just for vacation, but it should be a more integrated piece of your life.  Just driving 3 miles to  a neighboring city will ensure your mind to goes another 3 galaxies in terms of ideas and inspiration for everyday life.  It will ensure a more cultured outlook on situations and make your normal everyday reality look more manageable and easy to handle because you realize there is more happening out there than the place you are physically at the moment.

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