My life has been on the up and up since graduation and I have absolutely no other explanation other than as corny as it sounds repetition of positive actions through out my daily life.  As a quick run down of this summer I graduated which was awesome, went to Ireland to study and broaden my horizons.  I did an exquisite mission trip in West Virginia and got shredded back down to around 175 for the beach and with that weight loss I was dunking consistently again.  Also, I just recently I won a USPA power lifting meet.  I have even been looking for another to compete in!

This year I am glad I began taking action and I do not want it to stop there!  I am applying for the (Big Brandon Carter’s) of YouTube apprenticeship program.  I know this position is perfect for me.  The opportunity has brought itself to the present moment and I am more than prepared.  This program is an intense 90 days, WITH NO PAY, is not for suckers this guy means business, he is all about getting down to the niddy griddy if need be to get the job done.  Excellent, I will be a perfect applicant for this opening and I am ready to not only take in knowledge from him and his peers but to continue to push my momentum in the positive with this opportunity!

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