Whats up guys,  I just want to give a quick update on my training.  So I am just reminiscing on the feeling I had when I go the medal in my division.  The feeling of taking home gold as corny as it sounds felt awesome!  I worked hard and felt I did everything in my power up until that point to win it, but what I give myself credit for more than the win was not only going out there to compete (which was something totally unlike me) but keeping my head on straight after I missed 2 of my squat attempts.  I was down a little bit after that and I had to regroup myself and really focus on my next two lift and after that I went 6/6 on remainder of my lifts.

Saying that, I did go all out in that meet last week.  I did this in an uneducated fashion and it cost me a couple weeks of training hard.  On my last rep of dead lift when I got 590 I broke down in my form.  I went to “Snap City” as the kids call it.  This basically means instead of pulling with a neutral spine, I allowed my body mechanics to break down and allow my spine to lose stabilization in the bottom position.

This causes a rounding in the lower spine and is very dangerous.  Right now as we speak my lower back is a little tender and this is a great lesson to not pull by any means necessary and instead pull or lift as much as I can with good form and fail in normal body mechanical patterns.


I plan on doing a deloading for about 2-3 weeks.  This is because I want to continue training and keep active this way the lifting patterns will not feel foreign when I get back to normal and progressive workloads.  I also want to let my CNS rest and get back to 100% this is critical to my plans moving forward.  I plan on competing again in December in Zion Crossroads in Virginia and even if I am not not 100% strength wise like I would like to be, I would still like to compete to have another meet under my belt for the 2015 year.

When I am fully recovered I will also start implementing plyometric and explosive exercises into programming to keep my vertical which is what I started lifting weights for in the first place.  I am getting a bit heavy and vertical has gone down quite a bit, so I would like to get back to my roots a little bit, while getting stronger and implementing plyos back into my programming and see where it goes from there.

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