There are portions of this book that are worth going over not only as revision for myself but also for those of you that may do not read material of this archetype.  The topics that really got my brain fired up and really just thinking of possibilities of the future like never before.  Talk of autonomous cars, space universities, and drone delivery are not far from our everyday reality.  These futuristic innovations are here and for me they are sparking thoughts of the potential of the unlimited amount possibilities that could arise in the near future in every market place.  This type of forward thinking was not coming from a place of wanting to be there and being here and being in a unsatisfied with the present state.  Instead these ideas from the book are giving me insight on future trends and making me feel as if I am way ahead of the curve in terms of what is to come and how I can truly bring value to other people by being aware of these changes in the world.


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