I do not think there is a more up to date book right now in book land that talks about overall perspective of where the technology potential is going.  I just finished an entrepreneurship minor in my final two years of college and some of those concepts are now being replaced by even more efficient means.  n the book it talks about how our DNA is not designed to for the new stimulus’s we have access to.  We are more linear creatures than anything but the way our lives are in modern society is that growth, scale and speed are in every sector of lives now.  So many new concepts are being brought to my attention.  The saying you don’t know what you don’t know is in full effect in my reading of this new material.  Although there are an array of great ideas that I have read this far, the six D’s are the easiest to grasp for anyone so I will go over these briefly!

The six D’s as they call it consist of the life of potential blockbuster opportunity in the marketplace.  These terms are used to better understand how change unfolds within a businesses that are constantly changing.  Digitization: this is basically the spreading and sharing of ideas and building off of each others for the better good of everyone.  Deception: is the portion of the life cycle where change goes unnoticed because the change is so small.  Disruption:  is any technology that creates a new market and disrupts an existing one.  Disruption happens very often in today’s modern tech industry.  The social media trend started back with Friendster, then on to Myspace the Facebook and ballooned from there and the market potential there is still growing from there.  Demonetization: is the removal of money from the equation.  This is where search engine companies like Google thrive taking information they gather and using that as leverage to satisfy a billion if not trillion dollar of businesses wanting that service.  Dematerialization:  is about vanishing the products themselves.  Examples of this would be products becoming obsolete and replacing the value of those products with something less expensive and more efficient, such as VCR’s and DVD’s players with Netflix.   Democratization:  Happens when hard costs drop and become available to everyone which a great example I can think of right now would be a smart phone.  At first when these items came to the market they were selling for as much as $1,000 for a phone and these were phones that could only access email and basic internet usage.  Now today, most people have access to these items which have hundreds of thousands of applications and customization settings to satisfy any consumer.

The insight that book is giving on trends is really eye opening I will continue to drop off points that make a light bulb turn on as I continue reading.  I will finish book within the next couple of days and be on to the next one!  Anyways, I hope you all have a great week!


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