Whats up guys! I want to thank all of you for your support for the past month!  I won the 20-23 year old division in the Monster Bash competiton this past weekend.  I did not do as well as I would have liked but I give myself credit for actually going out there and accomplishing what I set out to do, which was get 1st in my division.  With that said I am in the works of making a complication of all the lifts I did this weekend and so you guys can see me in action.

Let me give you guys a quick run down of yesterday and how things played out:

Yesterday morning was very long for me because for one, I had trouble sleeping the whole night because of nerves and two, I could not find my appetite when it came to eating my Chickfila biscuit.  I would not normally put that type of food in the tank before I go lift but that is a story for another day.  I got there a bit early around 7:45 ish.  I my friend who works out at the gym and say whats up to him and chat for a bit.  I go back in and sit for a couple of minutes around 8:15 the USPA officials went over the rules with us briefly and then gave the first round of lifters the go ahead to begin warming up and the competition would begin at 9 am.

While the first group was doing their first attempts the group I was in was allowed to warm up.  During warm ups I was feeling a little uppity and ready to get the show on he road.  I warmed up in sets of 3’s with 135,225,315, and then 405 and after that I hit 455 for one.  After all of this warming up it was finally time to perform.  This is where things got a bit wild!  During the competition there was a vocabulary that I was unfamiliar with if you will and when it is your turn to go they would say you are up next, followed by someone being “on deck” which means you are after the person that is “next to lift” and “in the hole” which means your lift is two people away. I heard my name as being on “deck” so instead of waiting to go next, I get on the platform and lift someone’s else’s predetermined weight.  Which was pretty easy.  434.  I later find this out and I request 490 for my next lift.  I attempt it and miss it, I even fell back with the weight, very dangerous.  I attempted it again, it came up but it was not quite paralell so it was a no good lift.

With all of this happening I was very turned off by the competition and could have let that effect the rest of the meet.  But after this I was fired up and ready to pursue good lifts and all of the rest of my attempts.  For bench I did 270, 303 and then 319.5 pretty easily.  I was focused listened to all of the commands and handled the weights like someone who had been preparing for this for a while.

For dead lift I had no gas left in the tank honestly.  But for me after missing my squats, my bread and butter my favorite lift I was determined to do something really heavy.  Especially if my first two went smoothly.  I went for 3s again in my warm ups I did 135,225, 315, 405, and then 455 for 1.  I stopped there because I was really hungry, by this time it is around 1:30 pm and the last thing I had eaten was a Chickfila biscuit so the nerves had wore off and I was 2/3 the way through and wanted to put the rest of my energy towards these last three bad boys.  For my first attempt I pull 500 with little resistance, I upped it to 550 for the second attempt and got that with a bit of a struggle, for my last lift of the day I requested 590 and somehow it came up but with it came a intervertebral disk sprain and loss of my vision.  Not just kidding, I got it and it was a struggle but I got it.

SO.. this was the first of many meets I want to participate in, I have been doing some research and found at least one more for the 2015 year and a couple for the fist couple of months in 2016.  This was really fun for me because I haven’t competed in anything to this degree since high school sports so for a competitive person. 2 months ago if you asked me would I ever compete in something like this I would have laughed at you.  But here we are.


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