I have started my new book today and its called Bold by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, the authors of the best seller Abundance.  It is a cutting edge book about exponentially growing organizations and start ups and why they are so successful in this day and age.  Also why other organizations that were successful in the past are not doing as well now or even out of business now because of these newer organizations.  This is one of the books that I pulled off of my amazon recommended reading list and it seemed like a really good buy because of how recently it came out and it also has a bunch of motivational content for the young aspiring entrepreneur within it.  One chapter in its really good and I want to finish this before the end of next week, although it was on my reading list for this month I want to finish and review it as quickly as possible to get more content out and get more knowledge from other sources as I continue to grow this blog!

Anyways I hope you all are having a great week and take care!


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