This week in training is going to be more the most important week up until this point, it is going to be more mental than physical.  You obviously can’t add major poundage to your lifts at this point, so its basically show time.  This week in training, I have to make sure that I stay as focused as possible to not only stay healthy but make sure that the weights I want to move the way I want them to.  Essentially I need to make sure that Saturday they move with authority and more importantly good form.  I am testing out Meet weights today as well as Wednesday and going from there.

On another note I am currently 188 and I need to be 181 to compete in a division that I will be far more competitive in.  When someone has 10 pounds on you its not likely that you can out lift them.  I just got a scale last night so this brief cut shouldn’t be too bad.  High protein and high fats and leafy veggies are going to be big for me and I should be ok.  I am open to any other suggestions you guys have!

OVERALL feeling stoked and ready to lift this Saturday!  BOOM!

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