So I have 8 days till my meet!  It’s coming up so fast, but I am still preparing now as much as I was a couple of weeks ago when I spontaneously signed up.  I’m still doing little things I was doing that I feel will make me successful October 31.  My sleep this week has been on point, workouts have been on point, I have also keep my mind working as well with the Made in America book this week as well as some good audio books on the side. With just have 8 days left I am pumped (literally) to put what I have been working on to the test.

Keys for me to place and potentially win: 

  • Following commands: Power lifting as a sport is not just simply lifting as much weight as possible.  There are judges that give you commands before the bar starts moving as you perform the lift and right after the rep.  When performing the squat, bench and deadlift I must remember not to rack before the command to avoid missing the lift.
  • Form:  On the squat you have to break 90 degrees.  With the max effort weight being lifted I have to make sure I do not break down my form while performing the lift.  When I squat I have to make sure I have the top of my thighs parallel to the floor so that no bad calls can be made against me.  I would rather go too far and have miss than not go far enough and have a scratch that way.  Also, on the bench my butt and shoulders must remain on the bench at all times.  I will also try to pause a bit before pressing so I can avoid the temptation of bouncing the weight off of my chest and missing the lift.
  • Staying Grounded:  I know how I am when it comes to competing.  Ever since I was a kid during sports I would always imagine that what I was going though on the field or court was the be all end all, when in reality it wasn’t.  I was not a starter or anything during sports, but when I did get in I performed as if I took the opposing team playing against me personally, if that makes sense.  Kinda dumb for an athlete, I know.  But I have to not get too hype and just perform like I know I am capable and let the results follow.  This type of mentality makes me lose focus of what I am doing and putting my thoughts towards other people.

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