I hate messing up my daily routine as I know most of us do.  It fucks with my momentum.  I hate to be so derogatory. But it is important to follow our routines even on days where we have other agenda.  Its easy to let the world to take your day, and it will if you let it.  Do not let it.  Once I realize I am falling off the path, I automatically feel the need to pick myself back up.  As you should.  At times I get overwhelmed with my everyday life if I mess up my bookends.  Bookends are basically the beginning and endings of your days that you have a set routine within a specific length of time, usually 30 to 60 minutes.  I know I am not perfect, as no one is, but when I do not pay attention to detail I can really loose track of time.  That’s what is most important and essential for me as far as having a “good” day.

I’m not sure how some of you feel about this paradigm but have you ever just woke up one day and realized that you have just been going through the motions?  Have you ever felt like you are playing defense for days at time?  Being more reactive than proactive?  Then snap back into reality and say wtf was I just doing for the past couple of days, weeks, or years?  Not having time to yourself on these bookends is essentially what causes us to feel numb and without control of the life we have.

Realize we WILL fall of the path.  Everyone, even the world best athletes, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and the like fall off.  But what separates us from them is the ability to get back on track once we realize we have lost momentum.  for us who have not made it to our goals it is important for us to keep an agenda daily, keep a routine on the bookends and realize that what we want will not come tomorrow.

Just a quick rant, I hate messing my momentum.. you should too!


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