The growth we expierrnce is something I struggle to wrap my head around.  We are told since child hood to work towards your goals.  As a man I think we have goals still but we shoot for something greater than anything obtainable (our purpose) as a realstic chase (it isn’t), but what if we actually reach it? Then what?  What do we do if we reach out purpose?

The fact of the matter is if you reach goals awesome! As a person on the way to improving themselves you should set your purpose to untraceable heights.  If you can reach your life’s purpose within a lifetime you are setting the bar way too low.  This indicates that there is something wrong.  As cliche as it sounds, your purpose should be something that keeps you up late at night and makes it hard to sleep because you are so excited to make contributions and efforts towards it, because it is your baby, the reason you are alive.

Growth however is very obtainable. This should be a means to an end. This is not unrealistic, making constant strides towards improvement is essential.  This not only enforcing positive progression, but it is also generating positive emotions by you doing what you want to do.

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