I have just organized my book collection, made a update to my training plan for the next two weeks.  I am also making a reading plan to finish up this year with 10 books on big name business people and also positive content that is going to put me in a space to dominate 2016!

Really excited as far as this week goes, with my training and reading.  This week is going to consist of heavy squats, heavy bench, and deadlifts.  Accessory work is going to be big for me as well.  Weighted core work is going to be implemented as well as a lot of yoga and stretching for mobility.  This week is going to be big for the results I get next Saturday!  I have been training hard so this week will be no different.  I having been sowing and I hopefully I will reap!

The book of the week is Made in America the Walmart story.  I have already started reading it and it is amazing already.  Its not a huge book (around 250 pages) so it should only take a couple days.  The review should be a good review around Wednesday or Thursday.

I hope you all dominate this week and remember to do all you can everyday and then reap the compounding effect.

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