Where you are going, you cant take anyone with you.  What does this mean?  I’m glad you asked.  Basically it means the journey you are on right now in your life, is your journey.  Your journey and no one else’s.  On the path to go where you want in life, how likely is it that someones goals match with your own?  That’s right, not likely.  Stop going out of your way to take people with you.  Not only is it hurting you but you are losing your most valuable asset.. time.

When you go as far as you can to help someone and then turn around and do it again, who are you helping?  Or how about those people that you think need your help and deep in the back of your mind you know that they are just needy and leeching literally your life force away and you keep giving to them.  Why do we do this? off of you but you keep going back

who does not want to be helped over.. and over.. and over again, eventually you have to get a grip and move on.  After all, it is these people who expect you to come running to the rescue.  If you continue to associate yourself with people who are not running the same race as you, believe that you will definitely lose yours.

We all are guilty of this.  Countless examples come to my head as I type this.  Especially for myself in my college years.  People who are generally good people just do not have your best interest at heart.  I just had everyone’s best interest in heart.  Situations like this you can never win.  This is most definitely to our disadvantage.  I look at people and say “Wow, you could be so good.. or Have you looked at (blank) this way? Or have you thought about (blank) this career path or you look like you could do (blank).  I think this complex comes from a place of weakness.  I think this comes from an sorry, insecure place.  Not being able to look at yourself from a third person view and make corrections on ourselves.  If we truly look at the “adviser” we can clearly see that behind the advising mask, they are clearly in shambles.  I think this may come from our DNA.  Going a little deeper, our inability as a species to not accept things that are not whole or as only accept things we perceive they should be and make our reality more true.

Today, stop looking at people as victims.  People are as good as you make up in your mind that they are.  Going out of your way and advising them when they do not ask for it is not only uncalled for but more importantly takes away from the energy you put towards yourself.  Instead look at your fellow nomads as helpless look at them as capable and just as likely to pursue their dreams on their own as you are.


Time waits on no one.  When it is your time its your time.  People die everyday, some thing as simple as getting into your car and going to the grocery store for something innocent like peanut butter for your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Some people unfortunately do not come back to finish making their sandwich.  Lifes short, stop wasting valuable assets such as time, money, energy on those who do not appreciate you or are leeching away from your own journey.

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