Training Update 101415

This week has been exciting thus far as my training goes.  I began squatting and deadlifting again this week.  In case you did not check the update last week, I got hurt the week before last while doing a squat session on an off day of all days!  I took last week off from squatting and deadlifting, instead of trying to push through and risking injury.  It was hard looking at the squat rack and not being able to touch her but this week I made it up two fold!

I had a hell of a session on Monday where I worked up to an easy set of 495 on squat.  I kept good form on all of my warm up sets to not let the same mistake happen twice.

My sets looked like this:

bar x 3

135 x 3

225 x 3

315 x 3

405 x 3

455 x 1

475 x 1

495 x 1

After 495 I felt like I could keep going!  Previously before the program I am doing now, 500 felt like a strain, but now it feels like I can get up at least 20-30 pounds more with a full couple more weeks of consistent training.  But easy to say that 495 and the like is not a max for me anymore. 🙂

I think the misgroove move I did when I got hurt was due to lack of foam rolling consistently and stretching.  Over the past week I did a ton of stretching and foam rolling which helped out tremendously.  Thank you Elliot Hulse!

As for the deadlift, I decided to change things up and go for sumo instead of conventional.  I noticed that a lot of elite power lifters that get up big weights use sumo, so I decided to test this method out.  It did not disappoint.  Although this was my first time using it, I can honestly say that I am seriously considering using it for my meet on the 31st of this month.  The weight moved fast while working up to 530ish. I am feeling confident and comfortable with the sumo, but getting closer to the meet this is what I will likely choose.

Yesterday I did some accesory work:

Deficet Deadlifts

bar x 3

135 x 3

225 x 3

315 3 x 6

jump ropes 5 x 100

dumbbell knee raises 5 x 10

15 min stretching/foam rolling

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