The Compound Effect is not like most other success books.  It separates itself by the credibility that the author has.  Darren Hardy had a upbringing from a very early age to breed success in nearly every aspect of his life.  This is not to say that he is the perfect character but he does give a good practical advice on how to take conscious control of daily decisions that you think are meaningless.  He well known in the business community for his Success magazine as well being in an array of other business ventures.

This book really goes into depth with example after example on life, relationship, attitude, and work decision time accumulation subjects.  Hardy strategy in making the reader to take a look at his or her choices and question: “Is this putting me one step closer to where I want to be?”  And making the reader question what really is meaningless and purposeful in each of our everyday lives.  For example,  when commuting to and from places and there is option between the scenery just ahead a wreck on the side of the road, which do choose to focus on?  Exactly! This type of focus is the reason for most traffic jams!

Habits that have been formed many years ago can be hard to break.  Hardy lets us know that they are not as hard to break as we may think!  Get away from instant gratification is one of the keys!  Instant gratification is a habit believe it or not.  If you do not know what instant gratification is, briefly, it is just taking the benefit now that is good for only that moment, instead of building up for something 10x better.  E.g. A burger and fries instead of a steak and pototoes.  He gives a great example of “What if the next time you puffed a cigarette, your face aged like you were a weathered 80 year old in seconds.”  That example is powerful.  I mean would we continue to do things that hurt us if we had instant punishment?  Most probably not, it would be literal suicide.  The instant gratification from bad habits instead of the long term effects of good habits is not hard to debate.

Why power is a term that I have never heard before this book.  It really is a term not used by the general public.  Why power gets away from will power, this essentially gives you the notion of why you are pursuing instead of just brutely pushing through a task or habit just because, you connect it with your core values and purpose and it will get done.  This type of investment in an aspect of life you are attempting to pursue will most likely get done, because now you are on the line instead of just using will power.  Sometimes it does not matter how you get things done.  This is because there is more than one way to skin a cat, however if you know why this thing must get done, anyone in your way will just be collateral damage.

Momentum has to easily be my favorite concept in the whole book, because its the most realistic for me and I have felt this multiple times through out life.  The Momentum concept in this book basically talks about taking one aspect that is going positively in life and intertwining it into other aspects and giving it a residual effect that “everything you touch turns to gold” this concept is awesome!

Momentum is a big reason why people say things like the rich get richer and poor get poorer.  Once you are already in a situation it is likely you will get worse than that, you never stay the same.  If you are motivated you will continue to go a pursue bigger and better things and the opposite is the same if you are not doing shit, then you probably will do less shit tomorrow.  This is not everyone, this is just a general rule of thumb.

Momentum or “Big Mo” as Hardy likes to call it is in all of us.  You are either going up or down.  Get “Big Mo on your side and use him today.  I like to use “mini wins” as such.  E.g: Smiling when I wake up is mini win.  Doing my morning ritual is a mini routine.  Getting a workout or blog completed is a mini win, so on and so forth until you have everything around going exactly the way you want.  Start small then gradually increase as momentum gets more and more in your favor.

Another concept from momentum that I have taken to heart from momentum would be the bookends.  It this is something every one of us can implement today.  This concept is how to control your day.  Well some of it at least, the most important parts you could argue.  The way your day starts and the way it ends.  Have a ritual that you can do to unwind and give yourself positive energy to reinforce what it is that you want around you.  He states things like thinking about your number one goal, reviewing 1 year goals, 5 year goals, and 10 year goals as well doing something physical can be in the bookends.

We have all heard that we are the sum of the 5 people we hang around so you must be careful who you give your time to, after all you do have a finite amount of it.  Remember to think twice before you waste 5 min, 5 hours or 5 days engaging with people who do not put you in a good state.  This may sound harsh, but limiting your amount of time around those influences who are not moving towards your goal can be hurting you.  Get to those people who can help you.  It can be beneficial to you and put you in position to meet people who are on a similar journey to your own.

Overall I really enjoyed this book.  This book has given me clarification on areas that I thought I understood, but gave me conformation as it gave me information on topic of which I knew nothing about.  If you enjoyed this review give it a like and I will continue to read and give reviews on books I feel that will benefit people in the walk of life to pursing the lifestyle that they want.  Till next time!

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