The title of this blog post is a question I came up with this morning in my car.  I was just running some errands.  I was listening to an audio-book in the car and then switched it to the radio because I was going thorough the motions because of boredom. Instantly, I noticed that my ear started bleeding a little.  OK, maybe not really bleeding.  But what was this hurt in my body that I was feeling when I switched from the radio to the audio-book you may be wondering?  Well basically it was a switch from something more fined tuned to me and what I want to listen to as opposed to just a message made for the masses.  This paradigm is big as far as giving you self perpetuating momentum for your life to the direction that you wish.

With some much noise as soon as you open your door who do you listen to?  Well, the answer is rhetorical, you know who should be in control.  But still you and I get infected even from subconscious levels as soon as we wake up.  Commercials on TV bombard us with advertisements, your children cereal box and then with more minuscule things like like labels on daily items such as tooth brushes to the billboards when we are driving.  Billions of images are placed before us daily but we still can choose what to absorb. Everybody wants you ultimately to buy and buy again.

As someone that was there and listening to information that was not relevant for me, I am here to tell you you do not have to listen anymore.  When I switched from an empowering source of information to a source of information that I would compare to what is fed to what  to the way the undigestable corn substance that the food industry feeds all factory farm animals.  Do not fall for it, it is easy to fall in to complacency and coping than it is to do what you want to thrive.  To do the things you want to do you should be absorbing information about the people have done what you want to do and the like.  After that, structuring a plan to get there, followed by action.  Building a routine that includes a daily piece of information that you want to improve in will be invaluable  to you.  Just imagine the benefits for yourself, your friends, your family in 6 months, 12 months and 18 months from now.  Imagine the person you could become from following this route instead of indecision, no direction, and randomness.

The compounding effect is applicable to everything whether you want to take notice of it or not.   Measure your changes, take control achieve big things.  Or maybe you do not have enough time, but remember “What is measured, can be managed.”  Try tracking what you do daily.  Measure the amount of TV you take in a day.  Measure the amount of social media you take in a day.  Measure the amount of distraction you go thorough each day.  Once you have cleared up space in your “busy day”, then lets try to bottleneck some good information into your life.  Take control today.

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