Habits in CE / You are what you repeatedly do

Compound effect is really making me realize how much bull we put on ourselves about success.  It really is teeth gritting.  So much of this feels like common sense, but paradoxically no one does.  Compounding habits is a big part of how to get to where you want to get.  I mean getting where you want to by chance is just as good as hitting the lottery.

A story came about in the book about a man on a horse appearing to going some where quickly.  A man from the side of the road shouts where are you going?  The horseman replies “I don’t know, ask the horse.”   He then continues on that this is the story of most peoples lives.  I think at one point or another that this is how everyone’s life is.  But instead of living life continually like this we need to draw the line somewhere and begin with direction.

“We are what we repeatedly do.”  So if this quote is even half way accurate, what do you repeatedly do?  Do repeatedly put things off? Do you repeatedly avoid awkwardness? Do you repeatedly back out last minute of in situations that you promised yourself you would push through?  With this quote said, I personally have started assuming the opposite effect when trying to gain skill I have to apply something challenging into my daily routine everyday.

Whether it be stretching, a new language, meditation or just being more present you should try to use the time (compound) effect to your advantage.

2 thoughts on “Habits in CE / You are what you repeatedly do

  1. I did this last year. I took my “habits” and changed them into what I call “result rituals” – I know live each day with a morning, afternoon and evening ritual of exercise, healthy eating and gratitude meditation. It has made such a difference, doing it day in and day out. Daily habits. Thanks for the inspiration.


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