Training Update

I had a so so workouts to end the week.  But nonetheless got the work done.  I finished off this week off with more bench, shoulder as well as core work.  I found that as the week went on that my strength continue to sap.

5×2 Bench (Heavy)

5×10 pull ups

5×10 band pull aparts

5×10 dumb bell OHP

3×10 Barbell Sit-ups

3×10 Leg Raises

3×100 Jump Ropes

15 min Bag Work (Boxing)

I got a huge amount of volume on my Bench Press.  I have never moved 315 more in a week than I have.  As my training week progressed I began to grow more and more sore, but I still pushed through.  I had planned to get 10×3 on 315 for my last workout before I noticed that I was just too sore to push that kind of weight for that many reps.  Hopefully this weekend gives me the type of rest I need to recover and hit it hard again next week.  I have 20 days until Meet day and I am still feeling confident.  Not my best week, not my worst week but there is up and downs on the path to where you want to get to.

I plan on entering squats again in to my programming next week again to see if it my hip is still tender.  If not I will hit squats hard again and continue what I had planned for this week.  I want to shoot some videos of my training, so you guys can see what I am doing and how I am progressing.

P.S: Any questions on weight loss, adding mass, strength and athleticism to your body let me know in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer them!

P.S.S: I will let you know this upcoming week why I am doing bag work for cardio and minimizing traditional HIIT and ditching treadmill cardio.

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