Whats up guys!  So for the past couple of days, I have been really diving into my reading.  The book on my reading list that I have started is the Compound Effect.  I am really enjoying the principles that they are laying out about success and life enhancement.

Compound effect through the first couple chapters has blown my mind.   They have used the simple concept of compound interest and used the reference not only towards money but also towards other priorities you have in life.  Consistent small actions over a course of a long time can make a huge difference.

Quickly I want to reiterate a Chinese parable I remember about compound interest:  A man wanted to marry a beautiful girl so he asked the girls father (A Chinese emperor) for her had as his wife.  But there was a problem, he was poor and he could not have enough money or resources to support him or his daughter.  So the father declined.  He instead of begging the father for a blessing for the marriage, he asked for a grain of rice and for it to double every day for 30 days.  The story ends in that well before the 30 days ended that the emperor stopping this madness of sending rice because the amount was so astronomical he finally let the man marry his daughter.

This was a powerful message in this book with only being a couple chapter in! I can not wait to see what other jewels rest of this book is filled!  I will go more into depth as I go further along in the book.

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