Compounding what you want

The concept of compounding should intrigue all of us.   The consistent effort towards such a small percentage of your day over a period of time can result into something astronomical.  Compounding is making me change in menial ways and I am feeling the great effects of consistent already!  Here are somethings that I have started implementing, the results I will get today, tomorrow, or even a year from now may not be huge but in 2-3 years I can’t wait to see the results!

  1. Reading a bible verse a day
  2. Reading at least a chapter a day!
  3. Taking vitamins a day!
  4. Doing a french lesson a day

These are small changes and are just somewhere to start. You should try to implement 1-5 of your own personal development changes that you can start implementing today and reap the results in the near future.


To actually acquire value from compounding, accountability is essential.  So to make sure that you do not fall off track due to everyday antics, make sure you have a notebook or an alarm set on your phone for tracking and reminders.  If you are serious about change over a period of time, it is to your own benefit to be accountable.

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