Training update


I got a good accessory work done in my last workout, despite being a little pissed about not being able to do my favorite lift, the squat.  Instead of being totally negative and looking at this as a glass half empty situation.  I instead turned to a wink link in my chain, that could hurt me in my upcoming meet.  I did a lot of volume on core.  This consisted of back work, over head press and abs.  Here is what I did for some really “juicy” shoulders and ab shredding ha and a turtle shell back:

3×8 OHP (Heavy)

3×50 Jump Ropes

3x 20 Band pull aparts


5 x 10 leg raises

5 x 10 band pull aparts

5 x 10 dumb bell OHP (heavy)


5 x 10 pull ups

5 x 10 weighted knee raises

5 x 5 band pull apart

I did heavy shoulders and back to compensate for the amount of work I plan on doing on the bench this week.  As for Monday, I would say I had an OK workout.  I had not eaten much all day and worked up to a failure set on 365.  Hopefully it goes up next week when I try it again.  Overall I am still confident my hip will heal in time to be competitive to place for a medal in the Monster Bash.

Till Next Time

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