Training Update

My hip is getting better day by day.  I replaced my squatting and deadlift day yesterday for my upper body/bench day.  I almost hit a PR on bench despite only being able to eat one time prior to the workout due to being so busy.  As for my hip, I have continued to foam roll and do the stretches I found on YouTube and it seems to be loosing up nicely.

I am however going to leave legs out of my programming for this week to let my hip heal fully.  As for next week I will try to incorporate this weeks squats and deads back into the programming.  I do not want to risk going heavy this week and jeopardize how I preform in my first meet.

Typically I like to focus on squats because its my best lift and I am good at them.  However, this week will give me a chance to focus on my biggest weakness in competing, which is the bench press.  I want to get more volume within the remaining workouts I have this week, as well as incorporate a lot of volume on OHP and core work.

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