I recently attended a optional mobile retail selling event and got great value from it.  (As you know you get what you put in so even though it was not mandatory I still drove 3 hours to attend.) It was hosted in Durham, NC and included the top stores in our region for our industry.  I want to share some of the information that you can apply to your not only retail selling but communicating and networking with people on a day to day basis.

  1. Greeting: The greeting must be sincere, no one likes a generic “Hello” that everyone else gets.  It does feel personal and it is likely that you are not looking out for their best interest which is likely true.
  2. Ask Questions:  These questions are great not only for building rapport but to really get a clear understanding of what exactly it is that the customer wants.  Open ended questions are the best because they truly uncover what the customer needs.  Open ended questions consist of: Who, What, when, how, where and why are open ended questions just in case we have forgotten.
  3. Body Language:  If you are not on point with how you are standing, leaning, smiling or not smiling, even though you may have the customers best interest at heart you may be losing money.  This is because you come off with a negative vibe and it may throw your customer off.  For example: During a sale, and your eyes are darting around the room or at least hold steady eye contact, this shows lack of confidence not only in what you are selling, but yourself as well.  The customer then should not buy from you.  Even something as subtle as having your hands behind your back can display that you are hiding something.  Instead use direct eye contact, good voice tonality, and talk with your hands with a good mount of enthusiasm.  Even if you are having a bad day, I find it that this does generate positive emotions which will make your customer happy to buy from you.
  4. Do Not Sit: As stated earlier, physiology can get you into major trouble if not used properly.  Sitting while selling is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.  When a customer walks in and you are sitting it makes them feel like they are interrupting.  Sitting also means that there is nothing else to do.  First of all it makes you tired because of the way your body is relaxing.  It is also likely that your voice tonality will not becoming from a strong place as well as your vibe so on and so forth.  There is always something to do in retail.  Whether it is stocking, pre-planning events, or even cleaning the store or bathroom there is always something to do.
  5.  Offer: When you are selling an item or service you are not just selling that product or service.  If you do, you are not selling, this is simply clerking and takes no real skill.  You could just as easily get any random person from the street and get them your product or service and the people that get value from your items will buy it or not buy it anyways.  You want to be a seller.  What does this mean?  Offer other items that compliment primary item in a sophisticated manner.  This is where you can simply plug in the answers from earlier where you asked questions in what else they were going to use your product and service for.  Even if you do not have what they are looking to compliment your product with now, now you have some information on not only how to please one customer but it is likely others would like this combination this customer came up with initially.

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