Everybody wants the fruit, but it is rare that one wants to put in the effort to get what the fruit that has the most benefit to them.  There are two types of fruit, high hanging fruit and low hanging fruit.  The high hanging fruit gets the majority of the sunlight, it is the first to get the nutrients from the soil and water.  The low hanging fruit has less nutrients (figuratively) because it gets less sun light, and water and other elements it needs to grow.


Low hanging fruit is what is fed to the masses.  Low hanging fruit can be items such as the daily news, McDonald’s, trends that everyone follows along with simple truths that you tell yourself to get through daily life.  If you really sit down and think about it, accepting what is handed to you not only makes you weaker, but it keeps you entitled.  This entitlement almost guarantees you not to get very far and keeps you a victim.  You may “eat”, but its what everybody else is “eating” and will keep from growing.


High hanging fruit is a rare entity.  The people who eat this is what is called the 1%ers.  These are the ones who see the world, not just their own country.  These people understand trends, what to put in their body to make it function properly, constantly guzzling down books and audio book and reading things (nutrients) that are constantly making them go for the things they want in life and enhance them.


The difference between HHF and LHF is that once you taste the HHF it kind of pisses you off.  Let me explain.  Once you read a book a part  from your regular curriculum in school and it gives you new perspective.  This may piss you off, because of the simple fact that this new shift in thinking could have helped you a year ago.  The school system did teach you, nor did the school.  If you want more you have to pursue more.

“You reap what you sow” Galatians 6:7

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