If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to launch a business, lose weight, ask that girl out that you like out on a date you may be chasing waterfalls.  If you are waiting start a life changing opportunity, you may be literally be waiting for no reason.  I want to look at why waiting is not only dumb, but its unrealistic.  Also I want to look at both sides of the argument as to why people say they cannot start until circumstances are perfect.


Time waits on nobody.  Today, this second is the youngest you’ll be and the most energize you’ll be.  The longer you wait to start your journey to becoming the person you want to become, the more likely that you will not accomplish what you want.  This is because of the snowball effect and also comfort.  The snowball effect is a metaphor in which the snowball continues momentum in the way that you are already going.  So if you are going down hill figuratively then you will continue going that way.  Antagonistically, If you are going up hill then you will likely keep going that way.


Taking action even if it is the wrong action at gets you closer to your end goal.  This is because if you can acknowledge what is wrong with the situation in the action you are taking at a particular moment, then you can then eliminate that course of action from future strategies.  Eventually even with NO strategy but continued action will leave a path that is the right one for you.


There is a time when you should take a second to strategize a plan for future action.  This is when you are wanting to enhance your chances of achieving your goal in a more timely and efficient manner.  Strategy and planning is the cornerstone to success.

*If you are not mapping out your strategy for your goal every week, month, year.. Then your results may ~vary  


There are portions of life when you should relax and take a step back and look at the bigger tapestry that you are shaping in your life.  But if you have not taken action in the way that you know in heart of hearts you should then it is likely that you should not be relaxing.  If you have not yet made the money you want to make then you should not rest.  If you are not in the shape you want to be in yet, you should not have cheat meals yet.  If you do not have the business situation you want yet you should not go out.  Some of this is common sense but I think reiteration, and repitition only helps accelerate the learning curve for people who want to make excellence apart of who they are, a habit.

Life to me is not only about achieving but also about enjoying.  College is one of those times if done correctly.  This is all subjective.  I do not think drinking every weekend is a good life style for most.  If you are 18 and you know where you are going, go for it.

But if you are in college, it is also a great time to network and meet great people while figuring out what you want to be and do with the rest of your life.  Most people however go about it wrong.  All of us, me included, instead of encompassing great ideologies from their professors and people who have exceptional knowledge in their respective fields we are daunted off by “outside” influences.  I could talk about this all day but basically if you drink alcohol on weekends even if only for two days it takes around 3 full days to complete detox its way out of your body.  This can be horrible for learning.

But again the truth is in the middle and relaxation and action need to be used as a with a ying and yang type relationship.  Still, moderation of both after you have already busted your ass to get to where you want to go is necessary for maintenance.

~ Fail

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