Update in training/ Sticking to the script

Currently doing a power lifting program for the first time ever!  I found this program from one of the top lifters in my weight class in the world.  I am not however following it verbatim I have added some exercise that I find more beneficial and fit me better. I am currently 4 weeks in and everything was looking good until yesterday.  I had done all the work for the week I was supposed to do and went in yesterday.  That was not the problem.  Extra work is never a problem, I did however not warm up properly and them decided to squat.  In the middle of one of my sets I also had taken unusually long to begin my next set.

I begin my next set, going for a set of three. First squat: good, Second squat: grinder, but good, Third squat: misgrooved, tight hip flexor.  I should have fell with the weight but grinded it up anyways and felt extreme discomfort in tendons around the top of my femur.  On a day off I get injured for pure stupidity.  Hopefully this does not hurt me going into the Monster Bash this Halloween.


I am a YouTube self help fanatic.  I have already found multiple videos that can help relieve this issue within a week.  Elliot Hulse videos to the rescue.  I have found hip flexor routines as well as multiple foam roller stretches that should put me back on track.  However, I’m not going to push it to try to get a certain weight for this meet on squats just to do well and it hurt me down the line.

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