5/5 Higher Consciousness Strategy

Higher Consciousness week has been a great refresher for me as to what it means to be a higher level thinker and executor.  I find it that this blog has great value for me and the high level tasks I want to accomplish.  This is because it makes me reiterate and stretch my brain to things.  I have found for me, going over topics I know stick better this way.  I definitely would have forgotten some of this eventually if I did not repeat them.  Remember repetition is the little brother of learning.  With that said welcome to 5/5 of higher consciousness week.

Great things do not happen at random or by chance.  The degree of success we encounter is directly correlated with the blue print followed while trying to achieve a certain goal.  Jordan, MLK, Warren Buffet what did these greats all have in common when indulging in their respective fields?  Strategic Planning is one major factor of what separates these bosses apart from the crowd.

Planning occurs when one decides that he or she wants to accomplish something noteworthy.  When planning it is important to start from your end goal and then work forward into your present moment.  There are other ways to do so but this method has been mentioned a lot by people I personally respect.  I have used this method here to not only get to goals I wanted to accomplish but goals I was personally dreading and would have fallen off from otherwise but accomplished because of this type of planning.

Periodization planning for me is the most successful type of planning in my life and I would like to share it with you.  As you know I have been an athlete all my life, but sadly I did not come across proper sport specific training for basketball until I was already 15.  This type of training was supposed to take me from not being able to touch the rim in the 10th grade to dunking with consistency.  All that was required in this was following a blue print mapped out for me with the end goal of all of this training to dunk.  This program was not only created by someone I respected but someone who also was knowledgeable and all the prior credentials to back up his training.  My type of trainer.

This is how he mapped out his training and how I have mapped out my training and many of my goals since I was  15.

END GOAL (MACROCYCLE):   Figure out what you want to get done by a specific date and how you will feel when you accomplish your goal.  Also, get an idea of what you will feel like and understand that the stimulus that you get from whatever it is you accomplish is indeed an emotion that is self generated and not coming from the stimulus.  Since we now understand that then we can feel this way from the beginning which will enhance the chances and speed up the process in which we accomplish this end goal.


These mesocycles consist of what we do on a larger scale.  These scales can be monthly or even bi-weekly goals.  Mesocycles should constantly allow you to check your goals to make sure you are on the correct path to what you want.  Mesocycles should be challenging but you should be able to see progress on a week to week and month to month basis.

These cycles include daily and even hourly bench marks.  These should be ways that you can see literally on a day to day basis if you are getting to where you want to be or not.  If you are not doing daily tasks down to the letter, then you are not serious about getting to where you want to be.  Remember in these (mini) cycles to remember your daily goals often.  Envision yourself as already having your goal and your state will give you the mental capacity to make it happen.


There are people I find it or even most people do not strategize.  They do not even write down what they have envisioned themselves accomplishing in the future.  These are the people that do get very far and do not live a very fulfilling life.  Thats not for me.  Even if I fall short of my goals, I will be happy I was on the right path.  Thats what you should want for yourself as well.  Be on the right path and pursue it relentlessly and may the chips fall in your favor.

There is however an outlier group these are rare types but they come far and in between.  If you are 99% of people, which I can guarantee that you are not one of them.  These people do not plan well they do not plan like the rest of us.  They are visionaries that keep their end goal in mind at all times and attack with a machete.  These are the Kobe Bryant’s, the Elon Musk’s, the Mother Teresa’s of the world.  They in turn have a strategy but would get to it by any means necessary and had no formal planning.  But again, they are very far few and in between.  When we see these people in their respective journey’s, we sit back in awe and are inspired to enhance our lives as well.


One of my biggest fears is not accomplishing noteworthy goals because of the carelessness and being too dumb and “busy” to plan.  The worst thing that could ever happen is waking up and being about 3 days from dying and looking back and not having accomplished what I had wanted to accomplish.  When I think back on how quickly I have come to this point its mind blowing.  I have rarely planned other than my training growing up but as of a couple months ago, I am on a new path and have started mapping things out.  I have already seen direct correlation with what I have written or typed out as goals and what has come to be a reality.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

One thought on “5/5 Higher Consciousness Strategy

  1. I’ve been planning to formulate a plan for some time now but my mind draws a blank every time.

    I often say to myself – ‘You better come up with a plan, you’ve been drifting along for a lifetime’

    Still drifting.


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